After-Hours Policy


We will do our best to answer all calls during the day. All non-urgent calls should be made during office hours (before 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday).MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: If you have a medical emergency, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.


If you have an urgent question that is not a medical emergency, you may call the office number and you will receive instructions how to contact the physician on call. We strive to answer calls in a timely manner. Please note that calls are directed to the cell phone of the physician on call. Therefore, if the physician is in an area where there is no cell service, such as inside a hospital, there may be a delay in our receiving your message. Therefore, if your call is not returned in a timely manner, please keep trying to call us again. Please ensure that you do not have “call block” on your phone, as this will prevent us from contacting you. The physicians do have “call block” on their cell phones. Remember that we can only contact you if you give us your correct phone number and your number is accessible to us.

Urgent calls include the following circumstances:

  • Your child has diabetes and is ill, and you require assistance managing his/her diabetes
  • You have an urgent question regarding the management of your child’s diabetes
  • Your child is experiencing a side-effect from a medication that we have prescribed
  • Your child is ill or injured and you have a question about what to do with his/her medication

If you have diabetes or another endocrine disorder and you require urgent advice, we will provide it. However, under no circumstances will we provide any advice about any primary care issues. Therefore, by way of example, if you have diabetes or adrenal insufficiency and your child is vomiting, we will offer advice only about the diabetes management or the adrenal medication, but we will not offer advice about the vomiting, the underlying cause for the vomiting, management of the vomiting, etc. All questions about such primary care issues will need to be directed to your primary care provider and will be handled as per their practice policies.


If you have not been seen at our office because you have failed to keep an appointment or if you have failed to show for your last appointment, we reserve the right to refuse to prescribe medication or to issue a time-limited prescription, to allow you to make another appointment. This is in accordance with the principles of good clinical practice.


All our patients sign a Financial Policy. This policy includes charges for non-urgent after hours calls. To avoid charges for prescription refills, we ask that you DO NOT call us for prescriptions after hours. This should be done during office hours, before 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. If you require diabetes supplies or medication after hours, the pharmacist will usually assist you until the next office opening, whereupon you can call our office. This may mean that you will have to pay for that medication or for those supplies out-of-pocket. It is your responsibility to obtain prescriptions from your physician or nurse practitioner during office hours to avoid such circumstances.